The experience of becoming and acting as the caregiver for someone you love with an illness of memory is not easily forgotten. One enters into a new world, without a guide, outside of any normal experience of the predictability we rely on to navigate our daily lives. The safety net that comes with ritualized rites of passage such as marriage, induction or graduation ceremonies, is missing in non-ritualized transitions. Ones that we often have to traverse alone: divorce, job loss, natural disasters and so on.


My art research is about the experience of the transitions we must make on our own, inspired by the several years spent caring for another adult who lost the means to look after herself.


Concepts of liminality, the uncanny, the surreal figure in my  practice. In search of an artistic method that would address the concepts I wanted to work with drew me to montage and collage. Because photomontage grew out of the liminal chaos of Weimar Germany following World War 1, and with it the rise of Dadaism and Surrealism, it provided not only an art method whose conceptual base is in lived experience but also reflected the politically liminal period of the time.


March 16, 2015

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